I guess I’m late

When I realised that I could (would?) only write late at night, I decided to unload my thoughts here rather than on to a notebook I’d lose within the next three weeks. After writing hundreds of papers¬†and reports, it’s only when I tried to pick up a pen and come up with the outline for my college admissions essay that I noticed how bad I was at expressing myself on paper. I’ve always been an ‘auditory learner’, as my primary ¬†instructors would say. I would be so much more comfortable with an interview where I can see and hear my interviewer. I can read body cues, assess someone’s tone of voice, their mood, and tailor my responses accordingly. I can vary my language to suit the situation, and my voice conveys a lot more than words can. I am much more persuasive in person than through five hundred words typed in Times New Roman. Since it’s so late, I’m not particularly inclined to reread and edit this post. I’m not publishing anything, and I want this to be as unpolished as a regular journal entry I would write. I know what I’ve written sounds stilted and artificial, but it’s a work in progress. I’m not quite sure how this whole blogging thing works yet.